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[Contact the mun for more details.]
You know it's been a while since you last dressed in drag when you've forgotten how much heels hurt. Especially when you're walking five city blocks and visiting every available door -- even in apartment buildings.

I think I'm going to ice my feet for a week.

It was fun though. Mrs. Henderson has a great group of kids, and they all got a kick out of me and Mitch in costume. Not that they know who Vida Boheme is, but -- what can you do.


For once, I'm actually at a loss for a Halloween costume.

...Any suggestions?


Sep. 15th, 2008

Let's never do that again. The strike, I mean.

I understand it's a natural part of being in the working machine of the United States, but please -- let's really never do that again.

I'm so glad to be back at work.


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[I FAIL at be around last night, for which I apologize. Profusely. If you still want Riley to be a witness or rather just move on and use and NPC, that's fine with me. Again -- sorry!]


To: Connie Rubirosa, Casey Novak, Brian Peluso (others undisclosed)
From: Riley Toth
Subj: Many thanks

Thank you all for the lunch basket that you sent down to myself and my fellow strikers. We very much appreciated the food, and it's nice to know that we're not completely hated (yet).

See you soon (and hopefully in the court room),
Riley Toth

It's Official.

We're on strike. I was told to go home and make picket signs. Technically the deadline is midnight tonight, but the Union leaders don't exactly see things going anywhere, so -- we're striking.


This should be fun.


Work stuff I probably shouldn't be talking about? Yeah, why not?

Anyway -- the public defender's office has been in contract negotiations for the past few months, and apparently, it's not going well -- or at least so I've been told. That tends to be what happens when you get lawyers arguing with lawyers for lawyers, so really, what else would you expect? Anyway, rumor has it that if things keep going the way they're going, we might have a strike on our hands.


I get paid little enough as it is.


My brother and I went to see The Dark Knight a few nights back, and it was very good. I'm not really a superhero movie fan to begin with, but this was very well done. However, there was one part that was a tad bit unsettling.

...I knew the guy who played the Joker looked like me (I was the Joker for Halloween, actually), but did he really have to be that creepy about it? Don't get me wrong, the part was very well performed.

Yet this is very unsettling. To say the least.
Went out to lunch around Sunday. Was initially planning on eating alone, but the place got crowded, and Connie happened to be in need of a table, so I asked if she would like to join me while she waited for her party. Party never showed, but we did wind up having a nice conversation about different things. Seems that things are starting to get -- lighter -- between us, and less awkward, which is always a good thing.

Otherwise, there hasn't really been much going on, other than work. But that's the kind of life I lead.