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--Character's age: 30

--Their squad: Public defender.

--If it's a non-canon character, physical description:
tall, white male, buzzed short blond hair, average build, good-looking.

--Family/Educational background of character:
Riley was born twin to his brother Rowan, but is the oldest of four total. He grew up in middle-class, suburban Los Angeles, went to public high school, and graduated top of his class. Attended UCLA for his undergrad work, originally majoring in theater. He had a strong desire to be an actor, but when he realized that yes, he indeed wanted to eat, he switched over to a business major, and at the end of his four years, he applied and was accepted to Hofstra for law school, using his business major to work his way through. Despite his bright and sunny upbringing in Southern California, he fell in love with the east coast, and after graduation, he settled into New York City, finding a job in the NYPD Public Defender’s office.

Riley grew up in what could be considered the shadow of his twin brother Rowan, who was more outgoing and popular than he ever was. Despite his active involvement in the theater, he is generally quiet and withdrawn, however, when it comes to something he’s passionate about, he will fight to the death. He originally applied to law school because he considered it to resemble something like the theater, but once he got started, he fell in love with the law, and in the public defender’s office, he feels he can save those fallen prey to the justice system because they couldn’t afford the big name defense. He feels that he’s doing just as much good protecting the assumed guilty from an overzealous ADA as the ADAs are doing putting away truly guilty criminals. He’s generally presents himself to be a laid-back person, very relaxed, that doesn’t stress too much.

--Traits, Weaknesses, Quirks:
Can be overly passionate, theatrical, the like. Always looking for the angle that’ll win the jury. Very passionate about his work. Tends not to like the DA’s office, or big name law firms, but he keeps it to himself and is generally very cordial to the people he associates with through his job. He also tends to throw himself into cases a bit more than he should, and his need to prove the ADA wrong can cloud his judgment or his sense of character. He can sometimes be as over-zealous as he believes the ADA himself is. It sounds contradictory, but it’s more of the way he presents himself, and the way he really is kind of thing.